The Charter Pub @ Colonial Charters

Location: 301 Charter Dr
Longs, SC 29568

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Happy Hour: Every day 4pm-6pm (hours vary)

Drink Specials

Item Happy Hour $ Regular $ Savings
16oz Domestic Drafts 1.75 2.25 22%
16oz Premium Drafts 2.00 2.50 20%
Domestic Cans 2.00 3.00 33%
Import Cans   3.00  
House Liquor 3.00 4.00 25%
House Wine 3.00 4.00 25%
$2 PBR Cans All The Time

Beers on Tap: Bud Lt, Miller Lt, Yuengling, Mich Ultra. Sam Adams Seasonal



Weekly Specials

Wednesday Free Wings 3pm-5pm
Thursday $1 Drafts 3pm-5pm




Atmosphere 6.5
Food 7
Drink 6.5
Price 8
Happy Hour Specials 6.5
Total 6.9


The golf scene around Myrtle Beach is something I know very little about since I do not play the sport. I do know a lot about bars though and there are plenty of clubhouses out there that have hidden Happy Hour deals that i have yet to discover. The Charter Pub at the Colonial Charter Golf Course was one of those places that I needed to check out. I have been told the Colonial Charters course has undergone vast improvements from when it used to be Palmetto Greens. Among the improvements was the big bar that was added in the clubhouse. As is the case with most clubhouse bars the hours tend to fluctuate based on how busy the course is and the time of year. The Charter Pub is right next to a subdivision as well providing a customer base that is literally a few feet away. If you are hungry you might want to eat first since the kitchen at the Charter Pub closes at 4pm except for the popular free wing Wednesdays. The drink prices are all good and the bartenders are very nice and while it may be out of the way the Charter Pub is a nice little local bar/19th hole to hang out at.