Cypress Room @ Island Vista Resort

Location: 6000 N Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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Happy Hour: Every day 4pm-6pm


Drink Specials

Item Happy Hour $ Regular $ Savings
Domestic Bottles 1.80 3.00 40%
Import Bottles 2.40-3.00 4.00-5.00 40%
House Liquor 3.60-4.20 6.00-7.00 40%
House Wine 3.60 6.00 40%
40% Off All Alcohol

Beers on Tap: None



Atmosphere 7.5
Food 8.5
Drink 5.5
Price 5
Happy Hour Specials 7
Total 6.7


I feel as if I am nearing the end of getting all of the Happy Hour in the city of Myrtle Beach that are oceanfront resort bars. I already have quite a few posted on here, but I had not yet gotten the Cypress Room at the Island Vista Resort. The Island Vista is one of the high end resorts down here so I figured they would not have a Happy Hour. Once again I assumed too much and the Cypress Room does indeed have some really good specials.The big special is that they take off 40% of all alcohol, even the high end stuff which is probably what you drink if you can afford to stay at the Island Vista. The bar area is on the small side, but it does have that great oceanfront view. While the Island Vista is pricey, I am glad they provide a good deal at the Cypress Room for all to enjoy.