Finn McCools

Location: 501 Lake Arrowhead Rd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

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Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 4pm-7pm

Drink Specials

Item Happy Hour $ Regular $ Savings
16oz Domestic Drafts 1.75 2.75 36%
16oz Premium Drafts 2.75 3.75 26%
Domestic Bottles 2.00 2.75 27%
Import Bottles   3.50  
House Liquor 3.50 4.50 22%
House Wine 3.00 4.00 25%

Beers on Tap: Bud, Bud Lt, Miller Lt Sam Adams, Yuengling, Killians, Smithwicks, Harp, Bass, Guinness





Atmosphere 6.5
Food 7
Drink 7
Price 7
Happy Hour Specials 6
Total 6.7


Everyone has bars that they really like that others may not or bars that just rub them the wrong way that other people love. Finn McCools happens to be the latter for myself. I have been there a few times and have just never enjoyed the place all that much. That is not to say it is a bad place, it is just not my type of place. There is not much for Happy Hour at Finn McCools, just your basic drink specials, with no food specials. The food is pretty good, but still priced a bit on the high side because of its location so close to the beach. There are a high amount of tourists that stop by, even a friendly group I met on my last visit. While Finn McCools may not be a regular hangout for myself it is always going to draw a good crowd based on its location and may be worth a visit for that fact alone.