Kings Sushi (NMB)

Location: 801 S Hwy 17
North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

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Happy Hour: Every day 4pm-7pm

Food Specials

Item Happy Hour $ Regular $ Savings
Salt Edamame 2.50 3.00 17%
Pork Gyoza Dumpling 2.50 3.95 37%
Spring Roll 1.00 1.95 49%
Chicken Katsu 2.50 5.95 58%
Tuna Martini 2.50 3.00 17%
Crunchy Roll 3.00 5.00 40%
California Roll 3.00 5.00 40%
Philadelphia Roll 3.00 5.00 40%
Crazy Monkey Roll 7.50 12.50 40%
Sea Angel Roll 7.50 10.00 25%
Sashimi Roll 7.50 12.50 40%

Drink Specials

Item Happy Hour $ Regular $ Savings
16oz Domestic Drafts 2.50 3.00 17%
16oz Specialty Drafts   3.50  
Domestic Bottles 3.00 3.25 8%
Import Bottles   3.75  
House Liquor 3.25 5.00 35%
House Wine 3.50 6.00 42%
House Sake 5.00 6.99 28%
$2 Fireball At Happy Hour

Beers on Tap: Bud Lt, Miller Lt, Coors Lt, Mich Ultra, Yuengling, Blue Moon, Sam Adams Seasonal, Kirin Ichiban





Atmosphere 8
Food 7
Drink 7
Price 7.5
Happy Hour Specials 7.5
Total 7.4


I started hearing good reviews for a new all you can eat sushi restaurant in Surfside called Kings Sushi a while back, but I was never able to make it down there. I was to glad to hear that it was doing so well that another location was opening in North Myrtle Beach in the old Damons location. I was skeptical at first considering how Damons was set up, but Kings Sushi pulled it off by completely redoing the bar area. What was once a smaller bar along one of the walls was replaced by a giant circular bar in the center of the room making it a cool place to relax. As for the all you can eat concept, this is not like one of those buffets, where you pile up whatever you want. You order off the menu like normally would at any other sushi restaurant and they just keep bringing you items. There are the classic sushi appetizers, sushi, sashimi, hibachi and more on a large menu. The portions are small to avoid wasting too much food, but you can get as many as you want. You can also order ala carte and this is where Happy Hour comes in. If you do not want the full AYCE experience and just want to try a few items, then this is the perfect time to try Kings out. There are also some good drink specials including the $2 Fireballs. If you are looking to gorge at a very decent price or want to try out a new bar in North Myrtle then Kings Sushi should be your next stop.