Pine Lakes Tavern

Location: 5201 N Kings Hwy
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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Happy Hour: Every day 4pm-7pm

Drink Specials

Item Happy Hour $ Regular $ Savings
16oz Domestic Drafts 2.50 3.00 17%
16oz Premium Drafts 4.00 4.50 11%
16oz Guinness Drafts 4.50 5.00 10%
16oz Dogfish Head Drafts 6.00 6.50 8%
Domestic Bottles 2.50 3.25 23%
Import Bottles   4.00  
House Liquor 4.50 5.00 10%
House Wine   4.50  

Beers on Tap: Bud Lt, Yuengling, Peroni, Dogfish Head, Magic Hat # 9, Coney Island, Smithwicks, Victory Prima Pils, Guinness, Samadams Seasonal, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Sierra Nevada Seasonal, New South IPA, Hoegaarden





Atmosphere 8.5
Food 8
Drink 8
Price 6
Happy Hour Specials 5.5
Total 7.2


For many years there was a bar called Droopy's in Myrtle Beach that for some reason or another I had yet to put on the website. It was popular amongst locals and had a very strong late night following and I had been several times before. It wasn't one of my favorite bars as it was one of the biggest dives in the Grand Strand and while I like dive bars, I don't like ones that reeked of urine almost every time you went in. It came to my surprise when I had found out that Droopy's had closed since even though it was aesthetically challenged, it still drew in decent sized crowds. Several months later, the former Droopy's opened up as the Pine Lakes Tavern. I knew I had to check it out to see what they did with the place. When I walked in the design of the bar is very much the same, but it was really upgraded and improved. The foul odors and dinginess of the place is gone and a new bar top was put in along with several large flat screens. There is a wide array of taps to choose from which I like, and while the food menu is a bit small, they do have a chalkboard menu that changes frequently with gastropub fare. The specials are limited at Happy Hour with drinks basically being 50 cents off. I'm sure over time as the place develops, it will get a more interesting array of specials. Regardless of that, I've been frequenting Pine Lakes Tavern a bit as of late as it is a real nice place to hang out, it is worth the visit especially if you were ever a patron of Droopy's