Roosters Restaurant & Bar

Location: 1320 Celebrity Cir
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 4pm-6pm


Food Specials

Item Happy Hour $ Regular $ Savings
Asian Chicken Skewers (3) 2.99    
Asiab Chicken Skewers (5) 4.99 10.00 50%
Personal Pizza (50 cents per topping) 4.99    
Calamari 5.99 10.00 40%
Sliders (Burger, Chicken, Reuben, or Prime Rib) (3) 8.99    
Sliders (Burger, Chicken, Reuben, or Prime Rib) (5) 12.99    
Boneless Wings (8) 4.99 7.00 29%
Boneless Wings (12) 9.99 13.00 23%
Rock Shrimp 5.99 11.00 46%
Pepperoni French Bread 5.99    
$8.99 Pick 3 Dips (Hummus, Salsa, Guacamole, Artichoke Dip, Pimento Dip)

Drink Specials

Item Happy Hour $ Regular $ Savings
16oz Domestic Drafts 2.50 4.00 38%
16oz Rooster Brew Drafts 2.00 4.00 50%
16oz Premium Drafts   5.00  
Domestic Bottles 2.50 4.00 38%
Import Bottles   5.00  
House Liquor 3.00 5.25 43%
House Wine   6.50  
Fireball 4.00 5.50 27%
LIT's 5.00 8.00 38%

Beers on Tap: Bud Lt, Yuengling, Blue Moon, Angry Orchard, Sam Adams Seasonal, Rooster Brew (Michelob Amber Bock)





Atmosphere 7.5
Food 7.5
Drink 7
Price 6
Happy Hour Specials 7.5
Total 7.1


The KISS Coffeehouse within Broadway at the Beach was always an interesting idea, but I figured at way too specific of a fanbase to have any real legs so I was not surprised to hear it had closed. In its place is a new restaurant and bar that is owned by the same people that also the Beach House, Moe Moon's & Good Time Charley's (which is directly across) called Rooster's. It obviously has a bunch of chicken dishes on the menu, but it has other items which lean to the Texas/Southwest style. The Happy Hour is strong with a lengthy food menu that provides decent sized portions, but it only lasts until 6pm and is not on the weekends. The bar area looks great and all the bartenders are friends, but there are only about 8 sets so space can be a bit limited. Broadway at the Beach definitely is not lacking in restaurants, but rooster's is at least a better option than most and especially a better idea than the previous tenant.